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 Aggregate Types


There are many types of aggregate, EPDM or glass colours to choose from, prices vary according to normal to exotic types.

Please click on the photo to upload, or hover over for the name.

Resin Bound Colours.

Amber 100 Buff 100 Cappuccion 100 cocco 100 SunsetGarden 100

       Amber                Sweet Pea             Cappuccino                Coco           Sunset Garden (UV)

DesertGold-Amarello 100 JetBlack 100 Lunar 100. Midnight 100jpg Silver-Titanium 100

  Desert Gold          Jet Black (UV)            Lunar (UV)          Midnight (UV)           Silver (UV)

Oyster Pearl100 Meadow 100 Maize 100 TerracottaGold 100. Terracotta-RossoLuna 100

Nordic Pearl (UV)      Meadow (UV)         Maize (UV)         TerraGold (UV)      Terracotta (UV)

Resin Bonded colours.                                     

AutumeGold 100 BrittanyBronze 100 BlackGranite 100 ChineseBuff 100 ChineseGrey 100

  Autume Gold       Brittany Bronze      Black Granite        Chinese Buff         Chinese Grey

DanishQuartz 100 GoldenQuartz 100 GreenGranite 100 GreyGranite 100 GuyananBauxite 100

 Danish Quartz      Golden Quartz       Green Granite        Grey Granite            Guyanna

RedGranite 100 RhineGold 100 SalmonPink 100 StaffordshirePink 100

  Red Granite           Rhine Gold             Salmon Pink      Staffordshire Pink 

EPDM Rubber Crumb Colours.

classy brown s classy eggshell s classy grey s classy lightblue s classy black s

classy darkblue s classy darkgreen s classy light green s classy orange s classy red s

classy yellow s classy sun yellow s classy turquoise s classy purple s 

Crushed Glass (Logo's or Designs)

g oyster white s g beige s g silver grey s g quartz grey s g grey beige s

g sulphur yellow s g dahlia yellow s g orange s g red s g light pink s

g light green s g dark green s g turquoise s g signal blue s g Ultra blue s

g violet blue s g violet s g violet purple s