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As you know Resin Bound and Resin Bonded products are becoming more and more popular by the day, which means that there are more new companies out there now getting involved in laying these types of products.

Whether you’re new or starting to think about getting involved in this industry, a training course from Classy Driveways will give you expert advice you need to know in the resin industries.

With over 10 years of experience and have been working with some of the best companies out there, I’m sure we can provide you in the right direction to get you started.


What we offer:

  • A full day training course:

   Which includes theory, practical and marketing, with lunch and refreshments

  • Participate in with Classy Driveways:

           This opportunity will show you how we operate on an installation, to give you an insight in how it should be done, from marking out to laying the product.

  • Expert hire:

     This is includes one of our expert trainers who would join your team on site and give a training session in use of that material, he would then work with you for the day to ensure best practice and a good working routine.

  • Tool hire and purchase

     We’ve got it all to set you up on your way from mixers to a bespoke sample range to show your clients.


If this is something you are looking into please email me for one of our trade packs, which offers a variety of options to get you on your way from training to prices a smart way to set you up with the skill and confidence you need.